Harness Racing Finally To Begin Tuesday At Illinois State Fair – News – The State Journal-register – Springfield, Il

They (the horses) have been racing pretty much all year long, and most of them are in pretty good condition anyway, so probably a few days off with some light jogging will do them all some good, Simpson said. They’re like athletes. You try to peak them gorden bandung on a certain day as far as your training goes, he said.

Will Kris Letang Bounce Back to Norris Trophy Form in 2014-15? | Bleacher Report

Lol Mike Darnay (@MikeDarnay) July 2, 2014 The biggest boon for Letang’s upcoming season might be incoming head coach Mike Johnston’s uptempo system that just so happens to place an emphasis on everything the defender does well. Johnston wants the Penguins to be a pass-first team out of their own zone. No dumping. No going up and off the walls.

Fitness experts focus on the core to target body’s agen gorden center of power | Fox News

The body’s girdle is how New York City-based personal trainer JR Allen describes the core. Celebrity trainee Allen, whose clients include singer Mary J. Blige, said even the breath is involved in core work. “It’s not about sucking in the stomach but about tightening,” said Allen, owner of 2 Day Be Fit. “If you watch a boxer before a punch, he’ll make a whistling sound.


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