The Putney Clinic Of Physical Therapy: Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training – Summer 2014

There will be six full days of classes, divided over two weekends. Topics that will be covered are: Asana, pranayama (breathing and relaxation techniques) Sequencing pre and postnatal classes The dos and don’ts of pregnancy yoga Propping and assisting pregnant students Pre and post natal anatomy for yoga Common ailments associated with pregnancy Setting up classes for pregnant students Eligibility The course is suitable for both existing yoga teachers who already hold a yoga teaching qualification and trainee teachers. We may also consider applications from midwives and health professionals who have a strong personal yoga practice. EARLY BIRD OFFER: 695* (if booked before 30th June) *normal cost of this course is 750 More information and bookings For more information about this course, visit the Yoga Mama website .

As Sharps modifier makes clear this assumption is only partially reliable and the reason whores only seldom conceive. Sharp repeats this assertion in her later section on infertility, too frequent use makes the womb slippery, and therefore whores have but few children.7 In common with most of these types of narratives, the child Cornelia is carrying, a girl, is later stillborn after a protracted labour lasting from Wednesday until Saturday. Cornelia is secretly delighted knowing that a child would seriously hinder her trade. Later in the story one of Cornelias paid clients announces that he would like a child with her. Cornelia considers that she is seriously unlikely to be able to conceive a second time since she now has fifteen regular lovers: I knew very well that I should not easily be with Child as the first time (for now instead of having to do with only five, I had full three times as many daily Gallants, who lay with me in their Turns).8 Cornelia instead fakes a pregnancy to con an annuity from her lover. Her scheme is successful and she uses over-tightened corsets to push out her abdomen whenever the would-be father is in her company.


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